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2005-11-13 (November 13, 2005) - Sorry, took a closer look at GPL license and found out VST plugin interface is not compatible with it since it is proprietary code so I removed the plugins.

Possible solution is breaking the plugin into two parts, the proprietary VST GUI which would load the engine as dynamic linked plugin running as a fork. Another possibility is maybe getting permission from the copyright holders to link to proprietary code as LGPL.






Downloads Available from Project Summary Page

VSTi - Instruments

Hexter VSTi 1.3 - latest version. Fixed out of range bug with GUI paramdisplay which crashes plugin. Seems very stable now.

Hexter VSTi 1.2 - latest version. Fixed event processing bug and a few other bugs.

Hexter VSTi 1.1 - latest version with some bug fixes.

Hexter VSTi 1.0 - Port of Sean Bolton's Hexter LADSPA/DSSI synth, which is modeled after the classic 6 operator "FM" based DX7 hardware synth. Can load and save the hundreds of standard 32 or 1 patch DX7 sysex files. VSTi version can load 128 patches, which is 4 standard 32 patch DX7 sysex files, and has built in patch editor with simple bank edit functions to change the position of a patch. Some Hexter VSTi screenshots.

VST - Effects

TAP-Reverb VST

TAP-Chorus 1.3 VST

TAP-Echo 1.6 VST

TAP-Dynamics (Stereo) 1.2 VST


2005-11-13 (November 13, 2005) - Sorry took a closer look at GPL license and found out VST plugin interface is not compatible with it since it is proprietary code. Possible solution is breaking the plugin into two parts. The engine running in a fork and the proprietary VST which would load the engine as a dynamic linked plugin.

2005-11-11 (November 11, 2005) - Hexter VSTi 1.3 released.

-major bug found and fixed: Out of range on one parameter crashes the main voice parameter view of the GUI and plugin. One of parameters, "LevelScaleBreakPoint", in the main voice view uses labels, A-1...C_8, contained in an array. Tested plugin by loading various DX7 sysex files revealed out of range values are quite common. And if the particular out of range value happened to be "LevelScaleBreakPoint" the paramdisplay causes an array out of bounds error crashing the plugin.

-improvement: GUI now shows out of range errors of OP1 to OP6 with paramdisplays highlighted with a white background.

With this bug fix, the plugin seems very stable now.

2005-11-08 (November 8, 2005) - Hexter VSTi 1.2 released. Fixed some bugs:

Functionality related:

-bug#1 fixed: Processing loop found and fixed. Possible bug in original DSSI version processing loop found and fixed. Events which occur in last 64 samples of sampleFrames were not processed caused by "if else" statement.

-bug#2 fixed: Reducing sample rates above 44100Hz, for example 96000Hz to 48000Hz, made reverb crash the plugin. The cause was reverb's allpass and comb bufidx which should have been set to zero when buffer size changed.

-bug#3 fixed: Mono playmode stuck held-key. Mono playmode held-key can get stuck if a noteoff message for the held key is not received under very fast playing. Pressing the key which was held releases the key, if you can find it. But since it is kind hard to find, I made various functions reset it. NoteOff resets it. SoundOff resets it. Changing patch resets it. Changing playmode resets it.

GUI related:

-bug#4 fixed: GUI updating glitch fixed. Tuning, playmode, and polyphony sliders jumped around showing old values if a patch was selected from the patch drop-down menu.

-improvement: SetProgram updates GUI more efficiently. SetProgram recoded/simplified to update GUI more efficiently. Pretty complex since there are 5 ways a setProgram message can be generated from various GUI controls including Host setProgram message. Testing plugin on slow Pentium 2 helped. Probably no noticable difference on a fast computer.

2005-10-29 (October 29, 2005) - Hexter VSTi 1.1 released. Fixed some bugs:

-bug#1: Algo bitmap opens on algo 1. Hmmm, noone noticed.

-bug#2: Minor bug in event loop. VST midiEvent[event_index].deltaFrames uses type 'long' while 'next_pending_event_tick' was type 'unsigned long' in the original source code. Causes problems when comparing the variables.

-bug#3: Mono playmodes did not play correctly. Needed to call to hexter_instance_handle_monophonic().

-bug#4: Polyphony limit not working. Set by calling hexter_instance_handle_polyphony().

-new: Added NotesOff button on main toolbar.

-new: VST Parameter 0 was unused so changed to EffectsOffOn (global).

2005-10-22 (October 22, 2005) - Hexter VSTi 1.0 released. It uses the audio engine of Sean Bolton's Hexter DSSI synth, which is modeled after classic DX7 synth. I only used the Hexter audio engine. The GUI is implemented with VSTGUI. Some added features in the VSTi version include a built-in patch editor, and some built-in effects such as tubewarmth, chorus, echo, and reverb to bring out the beauty, depth, and texture. Here's link to original LADSPA/DSSI version

2005-10-02 (October 2, 2005) - TAP-Dynamics (Stereo) VST 1.2 released. Has functions for compressor, expander, limiter, and noise gate.

2005-9-28 (September 28, 2005) - TAP-Echo VST 1.6 released. You might take a look at the original LADSPA tap-plugins manual for a description on how it works.

2005-9-26 (September 26, 2005) - TAP-Chorus VST 1.300 released.

2005-9-25 (September 25, 2005) - TAP-Reverb VST 1.131 released. Did not notice sample rate was hardcoded to 22050. Also needed to call activate_Reverb() or else the Reverb did not start until a Reverb Type was chosen. So I added VST setSampleRate() and added calls to activate_Reverb(). I left the old version up.

2005-09-24 (September 24, 2005) - TAP-Reverb VST 1.13 released for download as Win32 binary and source code. I am porting the Linux LADSPA-TAP plugins 0.7.0 from to VST. The TAP plugins are a set of audio processing effects such as reverb, chorus, autopan, voice doubler, echo, tremelo, and others. I will release each plugin individually as they are finished instead of waiting until all the plugins are ported.

2005-08-30 (August 30, 2005) - Just checking in. CuteVST project is still alive. I'm changing the focus of the project. Project will focus on porting to VST various open-source effect and synth plugins and engines. Most will probably come from Linux as it is the leader in open-source audio applications. Will probably release binaries for Win32, since I do not have a Mac. Sourceforge has a compile farm with Mac compiler. Maybe I'll try that.

2004-09-14 (September 14, 2004) - Registered project a couple of days ago. Just testing how to update the project homepage. Think you have to use SSH (Secure SHell) or SFTP (Secure FTP) to upload the pages. Anyway, welcome. Project is aimed at new VST/plugin developers.


Donations appreciated. It is to say thank you and covers some of the expenses for my time, programming, electricity, and computer use.

Sourceforge, which hosts this project, gets 5% of the donation. Paypal gets 5%.

To donate goto CuteVST Project Summary link below and click on "Donate to CuteVST."

CuteVST Project Summary

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